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질병관리청장 사진
Greetings!I am Youngmee Jee, Commissioner of the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency(KDCA).

KDCA is a specialized agency with a clear duty. The KDCA is responsible for conducting evidence-based responses to public health threats. With this crucial mandate, we develop and implement disease control policies based on scientific evidence to address these public health threats.

We will further strengthen our efforts in controlling new and emerging infectious diseases that spread within Korea and globally, including coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19.).

We will reduce the national disease burden through the systematic and evidence-based prevention and control of chronic diseases and health hazards.

Furthermore, we aim to become a global leader in the health sector by enhancing capacity in healthcare research.

The KDCA is dedicated to ensuring rapid responses to potential public health threats and crise and safeguarding national and global health from all types of threats, including communicable and non-communicable diseases.

Thank you.

Youngmee Jee
Commissioner of the KDCA