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About KDCA

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Toward a safer and healthier future


Central agency specializing in scientific evidence-based public health management and healthcare research and development(R&D)


  • Service
  • Security
  • Communication
  • Collaboration


  • Protect people from infectious diseases and build a safe society
  • Reduce the national disease burden through effective chronic disease management
  • Secure research and development capacity in healthcare to prepare for and respond to disease risks

The Slogan of KDCA

Ensuring healthy lives with KDCA, your most trusted partner

국민과 함께하는 건강한 동행 질병관리청. 건강한 동행, 국민과 함께하는 질병관리청


The Meaning of Slogan

KDCA's ambition to be a partner in people's healthy lives, protect people from everyday health threats and create a "healthy people, safe society"