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Protect people from infectious diseases and build a safe society

  • Strengthen the proactive emergency response system against emerging and imported infectious diseases
  • Foster infectious disease response personnel including epidemiologists, and enhance their professionalism
  • Develop infectious disease risk analyses, assessments, and prediction models, and conduct research on risk factors
  • Develop and implement strategies for chronic infectious disease eradication, including tuberculosis and viral hepatitis
  • Prevent and control epidemic infectious diseases, such as respiratory, waterborne, and vector-borne infectious diseases
  • Enhance the national diagnostic testing capacity for infectious diseases
  • Expand the national immunization program and strengthen the framework to implement immunization
  • Advance the control system for healthcare-associated infections and strengthen antimicrobial resistance control

Reduce the national disease burden through effective chronic disease management

  • Generate evidence for chronic disease prevention and management, including by conducting health surveys at the national and regional levels
  • Strengthen the prevention and control of chronic diseases, including ensuring early detection and addressing health disparities
  • Extend support coverage for children and young people with rare diseases and enhance residencecentered diagnostic support
  • Establish a foundation for health hazard responses and conduct investigations and research
  • Pursue climate-health impact assessments and promote adaptation measures
  • Prevent and manage injuries and sudden cardiac arrest

Secure healthcare research and development capacity to prepare for and respond to disease risks

  • Secure core technologies for vaccines and therapeutics against infectious diseases
  • Establish a national integrated bio big-data system and promote the sharing and open access of healthcare research resources
  • Build a research foundation for advanced regenerative medicine
  • Strengthen the capacity for disease preparedness and response through global healthcare research and development cooperation