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National Policy Vision

A reemerging Korea, where people live well together

National Policy Goal

A decent country with a common sense of restoration

KDCA-led National Policy Task

Advance the infectious disease response systems

Task Objectives

  • Ensure a return to normal life and protect lives by revamping the COVID-19 response system
  • Establish an advanced infectious disease response system based on scientific evidence to prepare for future pandemics

Specific Tasks

  • Revamp the COVID-19 response system within 100 days
  • Advance national governance and the response system for infectious diseases
  • Overhaul the medical response system for infectious disease emergencies


1. Revamp the COVID-19 response system within 100 days
  • The KDCA, through the effective response system, such as the locally-focused general medical system, successfully controlled the spread of COVID-19 during the summer and winter of 2022, without introducing uniform social distancing rules.
  • The KDCA downgraded the COVID-19 alert level from “Serious” to “Warning” on June 1, 2023.
2. Advance the national governance and response system for infectious diseases
  • The KDCA established and operated a National Advisory Committee on Infectious Disease Crisis Response, consisting of diverse private experts, to review national infectious disease response policies (established in June 2022).
  • The KDCA announced each set of countermeasures and plans for infectious disease prevention and control of tuberculosis(TB) and healthcare-associated infectious diseases (in the first half of 2023).
3. Overhaul the medical response system for infectious disease emergencies
  • The KDCA fostered professional personnel infectious disease emergency response, including providing field training for medical students
  • The KDCA supported regional self-sufficiency in infectious disease response, including the establishment of central and regional infectious disease specialized hospitals and the acquisition of negative pressure isolation rooms and isolation beds in each region.

KDCA-cooperate National Policy Tasks and Specific Tasks

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