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05 Infectious Diseases Newsletter
for Physicians

KCDC’s Information sharing with physicians on domestic or international infectious disease outbreaks


To share information on domestic or international infectious disease outbreaks with physicians, so that the physicians can effectively diagnose the diseases, treat the patients, report cases to local public health centers for early detection and response

Background and Progress

  • As a part of measures after MERS outbreak in Korea, 2015, KCDC has launched a major project of “sharing information on emerging and imported infectious disease incidence trend” for physicians

    KCDC-produced newsletters distributed May to July 2016.

  • KCDC and Korea Medical Association (KMA) agreed on Memorandum of Understanding for collaboration in responding against emerging infectious diseases between Government and Civil Sector (29 April 2016)

    (Article 1) Government and Medical Association could collaborate and make up a collective body to share information on domestic and international emerging infectious diseases.

  • Started as a sub-project titled ‘Construction of Transmission System in Health-Care Facilities of Emerging and Imported infectious Diseases’ in KMA’s project of ‘Education and Publicity for Infectious disease Prevention’ (funded by KCDC’s Division of Infectious Disease Control’ (August 2016)

    12 issues of the newsletters and 5 issues of breaking news were produced with collaboration of 5 KMA-recommended editors and 5 KCDC editors

Publication of 2017 Newsletter

To create an information channel between government sectors and medical community in form of ‘Operation of committee to support capacity building in emergency response of local governments’ (division in charge: Division of Public Health Preparedness and Response) and specific project (provision of information on infectious disease for medical institutions and raising awareness) in 2017

Regular publication of newsletter
  • Target: More than 83,000 doctors (KMA members)
  • Method: Korean Chip Project
  • Time: Every other Friday
  • Editors: 7 KMA staff (physicians and infectious disease specialists recommended by KMA) and 5 KCDC staff
Infectious disease newsletter (Periodic Bulletin on Infectious Disease)
Main news
- News on domestic and international infectious diseases and updates on main diseasesc
* News on main domestic and international diseases are shown as headlines and additional information are provided through links.
News from expert
- A column written by one of editors with review and risk assessment of infectious diseases, and provides advice.
- A column may be written by KCDC if necessary (the division in charge will be specified)
Review on disease
- Professional review on infectious disease that is getting attention
* It includes information that may be necessary for private doctors such as methods to request diagnosis and clinical guidelines
Spot announcement for disease outbreak (‘Infectious disease breaking news’)
  • Target: same as above
  • Timeline: within 24 hours in case of urgencyDelivery
    (Method) Posting on KCDC homepage and sending mobile text message(including link to KCDC homepage)

    KCDC homepage (mobile): ‘Health alert’ → ‘Infectious Diseases newsletter’

  • Cntents
    Information on domestic or international infectious disease outbreak requiring urgent attention of healthcare providers

Administrative issue

Budget(tentative): 188,000,000 KRW