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14 Organ transplant management

We support and manage organ donation by donating brain death donors, and conduct fair and appropriate long term distribution process to select recipients.

Korean Network for Organ Sharing

  • We fairly allocate organs which were donated by the brain death donos to the patients who need to be transplanted. There are 8 kind organs which can be transplanted, Those are kidney, liver, heart, lung, pancreas, langerhans, small intestine and cornea. Specific duties are those.
    • support to the consent of organ donation of the brain death patients
    • management of the patients who are registered to the waiting lists to be transplanted
    • regulation of the selection criteria of recipients who need to be transplanted
    • supervision of the transplantation hospital and HOPO(hospital based organ procurement organization)
    • education to the co-ordinator of the hospital
Brain death's Donation Flow Chart
  1. 1. Institution of Brain death
  2. 2. Organ-Acquiring Institution
  3. 3. KONOS
  4. 4. Organ-Acquiring Institution Iinstitution for brain death judgement
  5. 5. Corpse Delivery
  6. 6. Brain death management Institution
  7. 7. Organ transplantation medical Institution
  8. 8. KONOS
Hospital for brain death predictor
  1. 1. Brain death predictor occurrence
  2. 2. Report brain death donors
    Korea organ donation agency(KODA)
    • Donation Agreement
    • Donor management
    • Support for brain death judgment
  3. 3. Selection of transplant recipients
  4. 4. Notification of transplant recipients
    Korean networks for organ sharing (KONOS)
    • Selection of transplant recipients through KONOS-network
    • Create list of recipients, check if they want to be transplanted
  5. 5. Organ removal and transfer
  6. 6. Organ transplant and result notificati
    Organ transplantation medical institution

    Management of transplant recipients