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17 Smart quarantine information
system project

Korea Centers for Disease Control established a quarantine system in Korea which utilized the computerized information system called Smart Quarantine System to improve the traditional quarantine system focused on the fever monitoring system.

Project introduction

The Smart Quarantine frame-work was based on the information and communication technology (ICT) system that gathered information on arrivals from countries where infectious diseases have occurred and shared this information with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service, telecommunication companies and the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC). The Smart Quarantine System monitored the health of those who arrived in the country during the incubation period of the infectious diseases. In particular, the KCDC will establish the world’s first advanced national quarantine system utilizing roaming data of overseas arrivals from countries at risk of infectious diseases.

Smart quarantine system

  1. 1. Passengers crews
  2. 2. traveler's information
  3. 3. National Quarantine station
    1. Taking action for the ill traveler
    2. action
    3. (Inspection isolation Hospital transfer, etc)
    4. Traveler with no symptoms
    5. traveler
  4. 4. traveler's information
  5. 5. SMS leading to report symptoms
  6. 6. Reporting by calling 1339
  7. 7. Ministry of foreign affairs
  8. 8. Ministry of Justice
  9. 9. Telecommunication companies
  10. 10. giving the traveler's information
  11. 11. Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service
  12. 12. Reportiong patient believed to be infected with disease
  13. 13. Connection to medical information